Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Progessive Blogs and other notes

A few notes:

Brock for Broglio has a a list of the 101 "best progressive baseball blogs" on the internet. I didn't realize I was progressive but somehow Tiger Tales made the list. There are a lot of great blogs there so at least I'm in good company. You should check them out when you have the time.

I received my copy of The Hardball Times Season Preview yesterday and so far it looks great. Some of the best analysts on the internet have put together a team by team preview of the 2008 season. Brian Borawski of Tiger Blog wrote a sensible and I believe accurate preview of the Tigers but the previews of the other teams are worth reading as well. It is somewhat sabermetric in nature but less hardcore that some of the other stuff they do at THBT. To some extent, it seems to be geared towards the fantasy baseball crowd and should be a great resource for that purpose.

Duck Snorts, Geoff Young's annual book on the Padres, is now ready. Geoff is one of best baseball writers and analysts on the internet and last year's book was excellent even if your not a Padres fan. This year's book promises to be just as good and you can check out some free excerpts. There is both a hardcover and PDF version available for this book.


  1. Lee, your new progressive label reminds me of the exchange between Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali.

    Cosell: "You're being extremely truculent."

    Ali: "Whatever 'truculent' means, if that's good, I'm that."

    Glad to see you on that list, though. It's well deserved.

  2. Congrats, Lee! You work hard and you deserve the recognition.



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