Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tigers and Marlins Discuss Cabrera, Willis

I don't usually talk about blockbuster trade rumors on this site before they are discussed in the Detroit papers. However, it's the winter meetings and this one is too interesting to ignore. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Tigers are having preliminary talks with the Marlins involving Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. The speculation is that Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin would be among the players going the other way. They would also likely have to include another prospect or two in such a deal.

There are not too many players for which I would trade Miller and Maybin but Cabrera is one of them. Willis had off year last year but he is one of the elite hitters in baseball and is just 24 years old. It's a trade that makes sense for a team that is willing to spend money and is looking to win now. Rosenthal is a credible reporter but remember that it's still just a rumor and thus could be shot down any hour.

Just now, Danny Knobler is the first Detroit beat writer on the story and he's a bit skeptical. He believes that the Marlins may be using the Tigers to get the Angels to up their offer for Cabrera. He also says that Dombrowski is very reluctant to deal Maybin.

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