Monday, February 12, 2007

Tigers Minor League Coverage

There are a few relatively new Tigers bloggers who are doing a good job covering the minor leagues. First, there is Matt Wallace over at Talking Tigers. Matt is not a new blogger as he also contributes to Infinite Diablogue but Talking Tigers is his first blog exclusively covering the Tigers. One of the interesting features on his Tigers site is a profile of prospects on the right side bar. It's a very comprehensive list going well beyond the typical top 10 or 20 Tigers prospects. It has all the players you've heard about and some you may not have heard about.

Eric Jackson at D-Town Tigers has a nice article on Gorkys Hernandez, a raw but talented young prospect who has been making Tigers top ten lists for the first time this year. Eric also has an article on 24 year old shortstop Tony Giarratano. You probably remember that Giarratano was a top prospect for the Tigers a couple of years ago and was called up to the Tigers probably a little too quickly in 2005. His career has been derailed by injuries but he's still just 24 and may have a future, at least as a utility player.

Finally, Just this week Mike Cassidy started up a blog called Tigers Minor League Baseball Blog where he plans to cover all the Tigers minor league teams. He was encouraged to start this blog by Brian at Tiger Blog who thinks that there has not been enough blogger coverage of the minor leagues. I agree with Brian on this point so these new additions to the blogosphere are very welcome.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Lee. Next time I'm tinkering I'll add your site to my own links.



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