Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Florida Southern Game and Other Notes

The Tigers opened their spring schedule with a 14-0 shutout over Florida Southern. It's obviously a meaningless game but it's still exciting to see the first box score of the year at MLB.COM. Curtis Granderson led off the game for the Tigers with a home run and they never looked back. Ryan Raburn had a 3 hits including a home run, Marcus Thames had 3 doubles and minor leaguer Brent Dlugach had 3 singles to pace the attack. The Tigers used 8 pitchers including Kyle Sleeth who is still trying to recover from his 2005 Tommy John surgery.

The most interesting news of the day may been the starting line-up which included all the regulars except Ivan Rodriguez:

Granderson, cf
Polanco, 2b
Sheffield, dh
Guillen, ss
Ordonez, rf
Casey, 1b
Monroe, lf
Inge, 3b
Wilson, c

I don't know if that line-up is any indication of the opening day line-up but it was interesting to see Sheffield 3rd and Guillen 4th rather than the other way around.


Billfer did it again. He continues to come up with interesting interviews of Tigers media personalities. This time he chatted with commentator Rod Allen. Without a doubt, this was a bona fide interview.

Eric Jackson at D-Town Tigers has jumped onto the retrosheet play by play data theme by looking at how Tigers starting pitchers do after they reach various pitch counts. Earlier in the week, he looked at lefty/righty batter splits.

Mike Cassidy continued his discussion of Tigers prospects at Tigers Minor League Blog.

And finally, this is not Tigers related but I definitely want to give Mack Avenue Kurt a plug for his article in the Detroit Free Press.

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