Saturday, April 15, 2006

Young Placed on DL

Dmitri Young, who strained his quadriceps in last night's game has been placed on the 15 day disabled list (Jason Beck's blog). Did anyone not see this coming? He was replaced on the roster by Alexis Gomez whose contract was purchased from Toledo. Since a spot was open on the 40 man roster, nobody else had to moved to complete the transaction. My guess is that Gomez will serve primarily as a back-up outfielder and that Marcus Thames and Omar Infante will get most of Young's at bats.


  1. I'm glad this will be Dmitri's last season in Detroit.

    More often than not, the 'D' in 'DY' has stood for 'disabled'.

    I'm looking forward to saying "good riddance" to his still-fat ass.

  2. I won't miss Young either. I liked the Encarnacion for Young trade but they never should have signed Young to such a long contract.

  3. Ah! I was watching Encarnacion in a Cards/Cubs game last Sunday, and my Dad and were remarking on how he's bounced around a bit. He has been so many places since he left Detroit that I couldn't remember who we'd traded him to or whom we got for him. I could've looked it up, but it ended up slipping from my mind.

  4. It's interesting you say that Ozz because my father is a huge Cardinal fan and every time I talk to him he's complaining about Encarnacion. He can't say I didn't warn him.



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