Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tigers Sign Maroth and Inge

According to MLB.COM, the Detroit Tigers have signed Mike Maroth to a two year deal and Brandon Inge to a one year deal, thus avoiding arbitration with both players. Maroth's contract is worth 5.25 million over two years and Inge will get 3 million in 2005. It's always good to avoid arbitration and the hard feelings that often result from the process but Maroth's deal was a little bit unusual as the Tigers generally sign arbiotration eligible to one year deals. It sounds like a reasonable deal for both sides.

Other players eligible for arbitration are Jeremy Bonderman, Craig Monroe, Chris Spurling and Carlos Pena. It will be interesting to see if they also try to sign Bonderman to a multi-year deal. Bonderman and Maroth have had similar ERAs the past three years but Bonderman has more upside and would probably be unwilling to sign a two year deal for the same amount as Maroth. I would not expect them to sign any of the other three to multi-year deals.

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