Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tigers Interested in Gordon and Hoffman

According to Jason Beck of MLB.COM, the Tigers, after losing out on BJ Ryan and Kyle Farnsworth, are now interested in Trevor Hoffman and Tom Gordon. Here are the highlights:

While the Tigers were never more than secondary participants in the bidding for Billy Wagner, believed to be the top closer on the market, they had hopes of signing either Ryan or Farnsworth, two younger arms entering the prime of their careers.

Ryan came to town for a visit two weeks ago and was high on Detroit's list when he and the Blue Jays shocked baseball with a five-year, $47 million deal. Soon after that, former Indians setup man Bobby Howry spurned Detroit, signing a three-year contract to join the Cubs and passing up a reported three-year, $13.5 million offer from the Tigers.

As of Wednesday, Farnsworth was close to a three-year deal to join the Yankees as setup man to Mariano Rivera. Meanwhile, the Tigers have jumped into discussions with the agents for Tom Gordon and Trevor Hoffman, two relievers with whom they had not had contact until recently.

Gordon reportedly wants a three-year offer from the Phillies, who are aggressively pursuing him along with the Tigers and four other teams. Hoffman's side reportedly asked for a three-year deal from the Padres in October before he hit the open market.

After Gordon and Hoffman, the market becomes much more of a question. The Tigers have not shown interest in Bob Wickman...Nor is it believed they have interest in a lengthy deal with former Tiger Todd Jones

At their ages, neither Hoffman or Gordon sounds like a great signing if it's more than two years which it probably would be. If the deal is not too crazy though, either of these guys could be very tradeable next year at the deadline.


  1. I think our current strategy of inviting every potentially useful castoff to spring training si probably a better option than signing any of these guys.

    Now it sounds like Farnsworth will only get $15 million from the Yanks. That's a rich deal for an inconsistent player, but considering the market conditions I think the Tigers could have justified that amount.

  2. Blog owner approval? Fascism!

  3. I'm not fascist. I just have no web savvy. I accidently changed the settings about a month ago.



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