Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tigers Meet with Ryan

According to Danny Knobler, the Tigers met with B.J. Ryan yesterday. The Tigers are just one of many teams who are interested in Ryan so he's a long shot to sign with the Tigers at this point.

I'm not crazy about them spending big money on a closer but he might be the exception (within reason). I consider him to be the premiere closer on the market this year because he's younger and less susceptible to injury than Billy Wagner.

Other notes:

In other news, Jonathan Mayo at MLB.COM writes that Justin Verlander was named Starting Pitcher of the Year by MiLB.COM. That's for all the minor leagues, not just for the Tigers. Other Tiger farmhands receiving awards were: Joel Zumaya (AA Starting Pitcher of the Year), Brent Clevlen (A Breakthough Player of the Year) and Marcus Thames (AAA Playoff Performer of the Year). It's great to see more Tiger minor leaguers getting national recognition this year. It's been a long time coming and hopefully they'll keep it up.

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