Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tigers Talk to Ryan, Farnsworth, Others

MLB.COM has more news on the Tiger search for a closer. Here are the highlights:

Free agent reliever B.J. Ryan finished his visit to Detroit Wednesday, but don't expect a deal anytime soon.

Dombrowski would not say whether he felt he was close to a deal on Ryan or any other free agent. However, the big left-hander has been visiting other cities this week, including Toronto on Monday, and his fate is likely tied to others on the market.

Ryan is believed to be the lone prominent pitcher to visit Detroit so far. While the Tigers have been in touch with the agent for top closer Billy Wagner, agent Bean Stringfellow said they are not scheduled to visit Detroit, contrary to reports last week.

The Tigers have also had contact with the agents for Kyle Farnsworth, Trevor Hoffman and Tom Gordon, but all that interest is in the early stages at best.

Farnsworth's agent, Barry Meister, said his client is "definitely interested" in a possible return to Detroit, but that talks have been preliminary.

Ryan and Farnsworth are the ones that interest me the most. The others are older pitchers who I wouldn't want to see signed long term. Of course, past history tells us the Tigers probably can't pick and choose who they want. They'll have to take whoever is willing to come to Detroit. I have a feeling they might have a decent shot at Farnsworth because he is familiar with Detroit and other teams might not see him as a closer.

New Bloggers

I also want to mention that there is a new blog on the block. Smallballers is a general baseball blog written by a couple of dudes who post frequently on Motown Sports. Ed and Zach are just getting started but you can expect an irreverent and entertaining view of the game from these two. They like to keep their full identities unknown for fear you may try to hunt them down and kill them.

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