Wednesday, February 09, 2011

WERC for Everyone

My recent post about Weighted Component ERA (WERC) sparked more interest than expected, so I have created a database for WERC for every pitcher and put it into google spreadsheets. The statistics on the table are:

PA - Plate Appearances
IP = Innings Pitched
ERA=Earned Run Average
FIP = Fielding Independent Pitching
wOBAA = Weighted On Base Average Against
RAA = Runs Above Average
WERC = Weighted Component ERA

An explanation of wOBAA, RAA and WERC can be found in the earlier post.  To be clear, WERC is not any kind of sabermetric breakthrough.  It's just the linear weights version of Bill James' Component ERA (WERC).  It's another option falling within the ERA to FIP spectrum.  It's best use might be as an alternative to ERA for evaluating past performance.       

Note: Some of the data for this table were taken from Baseball -Reference and FanGraphs

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