Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ex-Tigers Contributing in Playoffs.

The current Tigers are done with their season but there are quite a few former Tigers making an impact on the post-season this year.  Curtis Granderson leads all hitters with a .455 batting average collecting 5 hits in 11 at bats.  He has a double, a triple and three RBI.  Some Tigers faithful don't know whether to be happy for the former fan favorite or unhappy that he's helping the hated Yankees.  Personally, I'm glad to see him having success.  Another Yankee Marcus Thames is 2 for 7 with a homer and a double.

Another personal favorite Carlos Pena of the Rays didn't have a big season and is trying to make a splash in the playoffs prior to free agency.  Pena is 4 for 10 including a double, a triple and a homer.  He also has a post-season leading 4 RBI.

Cody Ross is helping the Giants going 4 for 14 with a homer, a double and 3 RBI.  He isn't the only ex-Tiger in San Francisco.  Ross, Omar Infante (4 hits), Aubrey Huff (4 hits), Andres Torres (2 hits) and Edgar Renteria (2 hits) have combined for 16 of the Giants 28 hits.

Other former Bengals seeing action in the playoffs so far include Placido Polano and Chad Durbin of the Phillies, Matt Joyce of the Rays and Kyle Farnsworth of the Braves.

Why can't the Tigers ever get guys like that?


  1. Good Luck to all of them Except Renteria and huff.

  2. Terrible job by the General Manager, and compounded terrible jobs by the coaching staff that continuously fails to get the most out of our players as well as instruct them properly to their performance benefit. Obviously.

    Baseball can be a REALLY hard game if you make it hard, but it doesn't have to be that way. We have to choose to be more logical with roster decisions and player instructions and game tactics. Pretty simple stuff if you ask me.

    -The Strategy Expert



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