Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tigers Swept by Indians

The Indians beat the Tigers 7-2 today to complete a four game sweep of the Tigers.  Jeanmar Gomez held them to two unearned runs in seven innings in his first MLB start.  It shouldn't have come to a surprise to anyone given how the Tigers have played this series:  Here is my  summary of the Tigers play this series:

1. Poor pitching except for Rick Porcello
2. Poor fielding
3. Even worse hitting

My list of positives:

1. Porcello pitched a great game in the second game of yesterday's doubleheader.

There is really nothing else I can come up with.  It was just an awful series, the worst of the season for the Tigers.  They better get straightened out fast because the schedule is about to get really tough with 30 straight games versus teams which are currently above .500:

3 vs. Rangers
4 vs. Blue Jays
7 vs. Rays
3 vs. Red Sox
6 vs. White Sox
3 vs. Angels
4 vs. Yankees

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