Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sizemore to Replace Inge at Third

Rookie Scott Sizemore has been recalled from Toledo to replace Brandon Inge at third base.  He has played only four games at third base, but the Tigers don't have any better options in their system.  My original thought was that Sizemore would play second with Carlos Guillen switching to third.  Apparently the Tigers either don't think Guiillen has the arm to play third or just don't want to move him to yet another position in the middle of the season.  I'm sure they are hoping that Sizemore can blossom as a hitter while playing a passable third base.

While Sizemore will be a substantial downgrade defensively at third, he has potential as a hitter.  He began the season as the Tigers starting second baseman but struggled at the plate with a .586 OPS in 97 at bats.  However, he excelled at triple-A Toledo batting .329 with a .392 OBP and 19 extra base hits in 41 games. This is not likely to be a permanent shift.  If he has a future as a major league regular, it will almost surely be at second base.

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