Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sizemore and Scherzer Optioned to Toledo

The Tigers announced some surprising moves after the game tonight.  First they optioned Max Scherzer to Toledo and recalled Armando Galarraga to take his place.  Galarraga's recall was expected but Scherzer's demotion is somewhat of a surprise.  He has been shelled in four straight starts but I thought they would give him more time to figure things out.  He'll get a chance to work out his problems in Toledo.

They also optioned Scott Sizemore to Toledo and purchased the contract of Danny Worth.  Sizemore has been a disappointment offensively and has looked especially lost at the plate recently.  Still, I wasn't expecting a demotion just yet.  Worth is a weak hitting defensive specialist, who was batting .274 with a .665 OPS for Toledo.  Worth can play both second base and shortstop.

Finally, the Tigers announced that Carlos Guillen will be their starting second baseman when he comes off the disabled list.  We'll see how long he stays healthy playing in the infield.  I think the main reason for the move is that it will allow them to keep Boesch's bat in the line-up.  For now, Don Kelly, Ramon Santiago and Worth will cover second base.

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