Friday, May 28, 2010

Schedule Finally Gets Routine for Tigers Fans

It's been a little bit difficult to follow the Tigers so far this season.  It's not because they are playing poorly.  In fact, they are 25-21 and one and a half games out of first place despite a tough early season schedule.  Not many are complaining about the way they have played to this point.

The problem is that it's been hard to get into a baseball fan routine with the crazy schedule they've had.  Not even two months into the season, they have already had to west coast trips.  This means that fans living in the eastern time zone (which, of course, is the fast majority of Tigers fans) have either missed two weeks worth of games or have lost sleep staying up until 1:00 AM or later.

Beyond the late night games, there were the usual April afternoon games which are difficult to follow for those that work a typical day shift.  Then there were the three postponements in May.  It all adds up to many Tigers fans not being able to sit down and watch a lot of games so far.

That all changes this Memorial day weekend as the Tigers start a seven game home stand versus the Athletics and Indians.  For those able to watch the games in person at Comerica Park, beautiful late May/early June weather is in the forecast for all seven games.  For the rest of us, it's the beginning of normal baseball viewing for this season.  There will be the occasional weekday afternoon game that we might miss.  However, there will be no more west coast games for the rest of the season.  Indeed, there will be no game starting later than 8:10 PM. 

They even have a couple of doubleheaders scheduled to make up for the earlier postponements.  The first one is on July 17th at Cleveland.  They then have another twin bill on August 3rd versus the White Sox.  So, there is plenty to look forward to for those who haven't been able to watch a lot of games so far.   

What this all means is that the summer of 2010 officially begins for Tigers fans this weekend.   

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