Monday, May 17, 2010

Beyond Batting Average Update

One of my least favorite things to do on this blog besides write about Tigers losses is self promotion.  However, I've learned that if I don't talk about my book Beyond Batting Average or get somebody else to talk about it, then it gets lost in the shuffle.  So, I'll give you an update.  The book has gotten quite a few favorable views in recent weeks and most of them are listed below.  You can find more information about the book including a thirty page preview here:

Beyond batting Average 

Here is what people are saying about the book:
Dan Dickerson (Detroit Tigers broadcaster)

I really love Beyond Batting Average - it makes the cut for the "suitcase" library that I take with me on the road...definitely a handy resource

Tom Tango (The Book Blog)

If you are a non-mathy guy, but want to understand sabermetrics better, then a huge thumbs up for this book. If you are pretty much comfortable with sabermetrics, but still not there yet (you haven’t run any of your own studies), then a regular thumbs up.

David Gassko (The Hardball Times)

There has not really been a comprehensive resource that explains all the sabermetric statistics you need to know in one simple package. Well, at least there wasn’t until Lee Panas published Beyond Batting Average. 

Dan Szymborski (Baseball Think Factory)

Panas hits all the basic issues quite well and seems to be very up-to-date on what measures are generally used by the statnoscenti of the internet, which is extremely helpful to people who want to jump in with both feet. The author is also very good at telling the reader where these stats can be found and has focused on stats that are readily accessible to the public. 

Steve Slowinski (DRays Bay)

Lee's writing is clear and concise, but also quite engaging for a topic that can sometimes get quite nerdy and dull. If you're looking to learn more about sabermetrics and want a book to start you off on the right foot, this is a great book to look into. And even if you already know a good deal about sabermetrics, it's a really handy reference tool. I consider myself well versed in baseball statistics, but I learned a decent bit from the book and I'm sure that I'll be referring to it whenever I have questions over the course of the season. Thanks Lee, this is a keeper.

Paul Wezner (TigsTown)

Beyond Batting Average gets the TigsTown stamp of approval, and a recommended read for all of you baseball fans out there yearning to learn more about sabermetrics, no matter your skill level.

Justin Inaz (Beyond The BoxScore):

Lee Panas published a terrific sabermetric primer. It's extremely current, with great scope, and will be an awesome resource for those interested in learning more about sabermetrics--especially player valuation statistics. I'm linking to Tango's review of it, but you can find the book on Lulu. If I do my baseball class again next year, I'll probably assign Lee's book.

Brad Berreman (SeamHeads)

Beyond Batting Average is written in an easy to digest format, and even has some funny and interesting illustrations sprinkled in. Mr.Panas uses multiple examples to help the reader apply the various formulas and understand how the advanced metrics are calculated. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I think any baseball fan that is interested in learning more about new baseball statistics but has been intimidated by the scope of them would agree.

John Harris (The Sports PhD)

Overall, Panas wrote a short and accessible introduction to sabermetric statistics. If you want to learn more about the most advanced statistics on the market right now, it is tough to find a better source.

Bert (MotownSports)

I got your book today and it's fabulous. Your clear and patient style, your ability to put yourself in the shoes of the average fan to take them further, and your systematic approach are just what I was looking for.

David Berri (Wages of Wins Journal)

if you are interested in learning more about the wonderful world of baseball statistics, I highly recommend this book.

U.S. Patriot (Walk Like A Sabermerician)

Lee's straightforward approach and knowledge will make it a good resource for those who are just getting into sabermetrics.

Jon (Camden Depot Blog)

I rarely review a book, but this is one that I think merited that. It is a solid addition to anyone's library. The introductory baseball statistics reader who wants to learn more and be able to start engaging in conversations about metrics would find this most useful.

Kurt Mensching (Bless You Boys)

With his book, Lee gives the reader a step-by-step guide through how stats were developed and how to best apply them.


  1. Awesome that Dan Dickerson read it/likes it, Kurt! Have you sent it to any other broadcasters? Josh Lewin's pretty active on Twitter/wrote a post on Lone Star Ball addressing fans and how some hate the 'dumbed-down' broadcasts and whatnot and that he tries to find a medium between avg/hr/rbi and saber-stuff. I think he'd be a nice target for you to try to send it to.

  2. Mike, I've targeted writers more than broadcasters. I'll try contacting Josh Lewin. Thanks for the tip.


  3. will it help fantasy players?

  4. Ike,

    The book is not specifically designed for fantasy players but it should give them a better understanding of some of the newer sabermetric statistics and how they can help in evaluating players and predicting future performance. For example, it explains the advantages of statistics such as FIP or xFIP over ERA. At the same time, it also, gives their limitations.

    A lot of people will go on to sabermstric sites like FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus trying to learn more about players and sometimes they don't fully understand the statistics. I think my book will help them get more out of the sabermetric statistics and how to better understand articles that use the statistics.


  5. Hahaha, I need to visit your site more Lee! This looks like it would be a good gift for one of my friends who is mildly interested in sabermetrics.

  6. Aaron, "mild interest" in sabermetrics is my intended target audience. :-)


  7. Based on Lee's keeper league team, it won't help fantasy players... :)

    Congrats again man.



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