Sunday, April 04, 2010

Tigers 2010 Forecast

I'm not going to do a long multi-part preview as I have some years but I wanted to do a brief forecast before opening day:

Runs Scored: 770
Runs Allowed: 735
Record: 86-76 (yeah, I know the Pythagorean record would be 85-75 but I gave them a little boost)

How they will finish: They will beat out the Twins by one game and the White Sox by two in a thrilling pennant race.   

1.Miguel Cabrera .315/.395/.565 40 homers
2. Magglio Ordonez .305/.375/.470 20 homers
3. Scott Sizemore .275/.355/.435 15 homers (Optimistic!  I know.)

Cy Young
1. Justin Verlander 220 IP 3.45 ERA 225/70 K/BB
2. Rick Porcello 185 IP 3.75 ERA 130/60 K/BB
3. Jose Valverde 2.85 ERA 70/25 K/BB 40 saves

1. Scott Sizemore .275/.355/.440 15 homers, steady average defense
2. Alex Avila .250/.330/.425 (wins regular job by end of year)
3. Austin Jackson .260/.320/.395 20 SB (strong start, then struggles later in year)

Other Random Predictions
  • Max Scherzer 180 IP 4.10 ERA 175/75 K/BB
  • Jeremy Bonderman will pitch 150 innings with a 4.60 ERA
  • Dontrelle Willis will be released in May and the 5th rotation spot will b e a revolving door. 
  • Ryan Perry 3.75 ERA 65/30 K/BB (new set-up man)
  • Brandon Inge .240 25 home runs, more great defense
  • Ryan Raburn 450 PA .265/.345/.450 20 HR (takes over as primary DH when Guillen gets hurt)

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