Monday, April 05, 2010

Opening day Victory

The Tigers got the season off to a good start today with an 8-4 win over the Royals.  They had to overcome a 4-1 deficit to do it.  They scored six runs in the seventh inning against three Royals relievers to complete the comeback.  Rookie Scott Sizemore opening the seventh with a walk and Ramon Santiago followed with pinch single.  The other fresmman starter Austin Jackson then doubled in a run to make it 4-3.  Free agent acquisition Johnny put them ahead 5-4 with a two run double.  Later in the inning, Cabrera added an RBI single and Brandon Inge a two run double. 

Other thoughts on the game follow:

Justin Verlander was not too sharp today.  He was unable to put away Yuniesky Betancourt (.688 lifetime OPS) in 9 pitches before his home run.  That is something that shouldn't happen to a pitcher of Verlander's caliber.  He gave up four runs in five innings to a very weak line-up

Ryan Perry looked superb retiring all four batters he faced with ease.  Jim Leyland had him in a set-up role today with may be an indication of how he will be used in general.  Joel Zumaya pitched a 1-2-3 sixth before allowing a lead-off infield single in the seventh.

Jose Valverde appeared to forget how many outs there were on an apparent game ending double play ball in the ninth.  He went to first for one out instead and had to face one extra batter.

Jackson looked fine in his debut.  He got the one big hit and hit another ball hard.  He also threw a runner out at the plate in the seventh.  He threw it from fairly shallow center and it bounced on the mound before reaching Gerald Laird.  It was not a great throw but it got the job done.  He has a very good arm and will make better throws than that. 

Placido Polanco had 6 RBI today? Good for him.  I always liked Polanco and will root for him in the National League.   


  1. lIf that 7th inning was a preview of things to come, we're going to love having Jackson and Damon at the top of the Tigers' lineup!

    I wonder how many center fielders making their MLB debuts have gunned down a runner at the plate. That's something Jackson will always remember. I called the runner out before the ump did, but upon seeing the replay, I think that guy might've been safe. The Tigers might've gotten away with one.

    It was cool to see Ordonez with a couple hits, including a double. That'll be huge if he can hit like that all season long. It was also cool to see Cabrera and Guillen chip in with a couple hits apiece.

    Inge's double in the 7th made up for his lousy 1st inning ending strikeout with two in scoring position. As excellent as Verlander is, he still has a tendency to give up a crappy inning that jacks up his pitch count and changes the face of the game (even if it's just temporary). Luckily the team overcame that shaky 5th inning.

    It was cool to see Zumaya with an effective and efficient 1-2-3 inning in the 6th. We need to see him throw like that more this season. Perry was also solid out of the 'pen today, and that was cool to see.

  2. Thanks for the long comment Ozz. The game was a bit sloppy at times but it was a positive way to start the season. The only negative was that Verlander was not sharp. He was slow getting out of the gate last year too so hopefully he'll get going soon.

    The seventh inning was certainly fun and hopefully a sign of things to come.




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