Sunday, March 01, 2009

Should we be concerned about Bonderman?

As you probably know by now, Jeremy Bonderman missed yesterday's start due to stiffness in his arm. He was then scheduled to pitch a simulated game instead but that was canceled too. Now, he is taking anti-inflammatory medication and will be re-assessed in a couple of days.

Bonderman is frustrated. Ian is waving a red flag. Billfer is greatly concerned. Leyland remains calm but doesn't offer a lot of encouragement:
"I'm not sure what to believe," Leyland said. "But we're not going to do anything stupid."
Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus seems to think this is not a big deal and that we should expect these kinds of bumps in the road after the kind of surgery Bonderman went through. Sources told him that the Tigers knew a long time ago that Jeremy would be behind schedule in preparation for the regular season. Carroll also reminds us that other pitchers such as David Cone and Kenny Rogers were able to return successfully from similar surgery.

so, I guess we just have to be patient and see what happens next. I'm not panicked but I'm concerned. Any time a pitcher which you are counting on to keep the team competitive has a stiff shoulder, you have to be a little concerned.

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