Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Streak comes to an end

Jim Leyland brought Fernando Rodney into a tough spot versus the Giants in his first night back: 4-3 lead, runners on first and third with one out in the bottom of the eighth. Rodney threw two change-ups to John Bowker for strikes on the first two pitches but Bowker eventually crushed a three run homer. Fernando proceeded to give up two doubles and a walk and left the game losing 8-4.

The Tigers almost made a come back in the top of the ninth when they loaded the bases against closer Brian Wilson and Curtis Granderson drilled a single to left field to make it 8-6. However, Placido Polanco was retired on a great play by Omar Vizquel and the game and six game winning streak were over.

On the bright side, Marcus Thames continued to mash. He hit homers in his first two at bats and knocked in the first three Tiger runs. He now leads the team with 12 homers in 113 at bats. That comes out to a Ruthian one homer every 9.4 at bats. He also has five homers in last four games so add him to your fantasy team. I did.

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