Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tigers Among Batting Leaders

With the Tigers now officially eliminated from the post-season, it's time to focus on individual stats and they've got some good ones. Every Tigers fan knows that Magglio Ordonez is closing in on the batting title but they've got players in the top 3 in many categories.

Rodriguez NY 1.055
Ortiz Bos 1.045
Ordonez Det 1.022

Runs Created
Rodriguez NY 149.2
Ordonez Det 137.1
Ortiz Bos 136.1

RC/27 outs
Ortiz Bos. 9.78
Rodriguez NY 9.46
Ordonez Det 9.21

On Base Percentage
Ortiz Bos .440
Ordonez Det .430
Posada NY .423

Batting Average
Ordonez Det 3.59
Suzuki Sea .350
Polanco Det .340

Total Bases
Rodriguez NY 367
Ordonez Det 347
Granderson Det 333

Extra Base Hits
Ortiz Bos 84
Granderson Det 83
Rodriguez NY 83

Ordonez Det 52
Ortiz Bos 50
Hill Tor 46

Granderson Det 23
Guillen Det 9
Crawford TB 9
DeJesus KC 9
Iwamura TB 9

Polanco Det 1.28
Sheffield Det 1.22
Kotchman LA 1.21

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