Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tracking the Tigers

Ian Casselberry is the featured blogger in USA Today Sports Weekly this week. It's been a great year for Ian who earlier was featured on ESPN. His blog Bless You Boys is very entertaining and it's one of the first ones I read every day. Congratulations Ian.

Dan Fox at Baseball Prospectus did an analysis using enhanced game day or pitch/fx data to categorize Major League hitters by eye. Billfer followed up by doing a similar analysis for the Tigers. Not surprisingly, Pudge Rodriguez swings at more bad pitches than any hitter on the team and in baseball. The results for a couple of other Tigers are more surprising. Both articles are must reads.

Another analyst who is looking at pitch/fx data among other things is relatively new baseball blogger Josh Kalk who writes "From Small Ball to Long Ball".

Samara has pictures up from a game attended by several of the Tigers bloggers.

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