Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Verlander to be Skipped

Jim Leyland announced today that Justin Verlander will skip his scheduled weekend start in order to rest for the playoffs:

"He's tired," Leyland said. "We'll give him a little extra time."

The fatigue, both he and Verlander cautioned, is more of a general feeling than any sort of tired arm. Yet, wherever he's tired, he's shown it over his last few starts. He had back-to-back fifth-inning exits with six runs allowed against the Rangers and White Sox on Sept. 13 and 19 before his five innings of two-run ball were enough for a victory over the Royals on Sunday.

Leyland also said that he has a post season rotation in mind but won't reveal it yet:

Plus, by resting him, they leave him open to pitch just about any game of Detroit's upcoming Division Series. Leyland said he has a postseason rotation order in mind, but he didn't want to reveal it Tuesday other than to confirm it'll be a four-man rotation. It's not hard to figure out who the starters are from there, but the order is trickier.
With Verlander being tired and Jeremy Bonderman pitching on Sunday, my guess would be Kenny Rogers-Nate Robertson-Bonderman-Verlander

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