Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Guillen Powers Tigers

With the big lead down to 1 1/2 games, the Tigers no longer have much room for error. Every game is like a playoff game now. The Pennant Race is on. It didn't look like they would get this one in, as it rained most of the day in Detroit, but they game got started after a short delay. It continued to rain during much of the game and the conditions were not very good but it was completed with no further delay.

It was another good pitching, sluggish hitting night for the Tigers but fortunately this time they had just enough offense to win it 3-2. Carlos Guillen had 2 solo home runs including a walk off to right field in the 9th. The walk off is another one of those events that will be long remembered if they hang in there and make the playoffs. Expect a lot of emotional moments - hopefully more good than bad over the next few weeks.

The only other Tiger run scored on a solo shot by Marcus Thames. They only had 3 other hits so it wasn't exactly the kind of performance that makes one confident that the hitting drought is over. Kurt over at Mack Avenue Tigers charts and discusses the slumping offense. Like all the rest of us, he does not know how it happened. Hitting problems or not, right now they are in a very tight race and they need victories any way they can get them.

Kenny Rogers pitched another fine game tonight pitching his usual 7 innings, this time allowing just 2 runs. He got a lot of help defensively including 3 assists from Craig Monroe. Fernando Rodney pitched 2 perfect innings to get the win.

Injury Update

According to radio 1270 in Detroit, Joel Zumaya has tendonitis in his right wrist. He received a cortisone shot today and will be out of action until at least Friday. They can't afford to have him out for very long so let's hope for a quick return. Zumaya's injury was the reason Rodney was forced to pitch 2 innings tonight.

The same station also reported that Placido Polanco may be back for the White Sox series next week.


  1. Lee, the Guillen Home Run won it, but the Thames blast just may have saved that game. With the way the rain was falling, the tracks being puddled mud and the Rangers having went up 2-1 in the top of the 7th, had that inning ended with Detroit trailing that game might have been called at that point.

    I just wonder if the Tigers can somehow fight their way into the playoffs there may be a situation where people relax and the bats come alive. This team might be a lot of free swingers with lower OBP, but they are not this bad. I'm hoping the flood gates open prior to the end of the season so we don't risk getting left out.

    Minnesota appears to be one of those teams who may be unstoppable during the final weeks, but division/wild card, it doesn't matter, just get to the post season. I'll match up our pitching staff with a lot of the other contenders.

  2. I agree Thames' homer was huge as well. He's having a great year - about 1 homer every 12 at bats.

    The Tigers offense is not as bad as it's been the last few weeks. I'm still expecting them to snap out of it. Hoprfully very soon.



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