Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tigers Crushed by White Sox

The much anticipated White Sox series got off to a bad start tonight as the White Sox cruised to a 7-1 victory. Nothing went right for the Tigers tonight. Nate Robertson allowed 6 runs on 9 hits (including home runs by Paul Konerko and Joe Crede and 4 doubles). He was relieved by Jason Grilli who also allowed a home run to Konerko. Meanwhile, White Sox starter Jon Garland held the Tigers to 1 run on 6 hits in 7 innings and they didn't have any better luck against relievers Brandon McCarthy and Matt Thornton.

The Tigers have now lost 6 of 7 to the White Sox. They have pounded weaker teams while struggling against stronger teams all year. Specifically, they are 3-11 against their three biggest pennant race foes(the White Sox, Yankees and Red Sox) and 59-20 against everybody else. That's a remarkable differential. So far, it's a formula that has given them the best record in baseball. However, they have 18 games remaining against the big three and you also have to wonder whether they can keep playing .747 ball against everybody else. They get a chance to start reversing the trend against the big boys tomorrow when Jeremy Bonderman faces Javier Vazquez.

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