Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tigers Playoff Tickets Still a Relative Bargain

Tigers starters have pitched lights out this postseason only allowing two runs in their starts but thanks to some clutch hitting from the Red Sox--mainly David Ortiz and Mike Napoli--they find themselves down 2-1 with both losses coming by just one run. While the games between Boston and Detroit have been very close and competitive, the average ticket prices for each team's home games couldn’t be more different.

When the MLB playoffs began, Detroit Tigers tickets for the ALCS were averaging $209.71 on the secondary market, the lowest LCS average ticket price over the last three MLB seasons. With tickets still available on the primary market for both games in Detroit, prices on the secondary market have fallen to $147.58, a drop of 29.63%. The secondary market get-in prices for games 4 and 5 are $59 and $49 respectively for Mezzanine seats. On the primary market, you can still get $50 standing room only seats for both games. Given the fact that the Tigers still have tickets, make sure you check out both the secondary and primary market if you're thinking about an October visit to Comerica.

This is in stark contrast to Red Sox tickets, which are currently averaging $621.54 per seat, and are the 2nd most expensive LCS tickets in the last three seasons, behind only the 2012 San Francisco Giants whose 2012 NLCS tickets averaged $687.15. 

Looking ahead to another potential trip to the Fall Classic, Tigers World Series tickets are averaging $1,119.10 per seat.


  1. Hey, Lee. I really thought the Tigers would dominate the Red Sox this post season. I think the Cabrera and Victorino injuries more or less canceled each other out so I guess we just got lucky. Napoli got hot at the right time. Better luck next year.

  2. Wow, is this the Tom Ludwig? The internet is a good place to run into old friends unexpectedly. How are you doing?

    The Tigers have more superstar talent, but the Red Sox have more depth and balance. The Tigers made a lot of mistakes and the Red Sox got big hits at the right time. They outplayed the Tigers this series.



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