Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mark Fidrych Book Contest

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a review of the new Mark Fidrych biography written by Doug Wilson: "The Bird: The Life and Legacy of Mark Fidrych".  I highly recommend this book.  It is a great read for all Tigers fans whether you remember seeing him pitch or not.

I happen to have an extra copy of the book, so I have decided to give it away in a simple prediction contest.  Here is the question:

Which Tiger will get the most total bases in the series at Seattle between April 16 - 18 and how many will he get?

The tie breaker question is:

Which Tiger will get on base the most times in the series at Seattle between April 16 - 18 and how many times will he get on base?

The winner gets a free copy of the book.  Please put your predictions in the comments section.  You have until 10 PM EST on Tuesday to submit a guess.  I will announce the winner on Friday and we'll arrange to get the book sent.    


  1. A baseball contest for a free baseball prize? Uh yeah I'm in!

    Cabrera with 8 bases hit
    Fielder with 6 times on base

  2. Biff Mayhem says: Hunter 28 total bases.

    1. 28 bases in 3 games?

    2. rhino say's Fielder, 15 bases

      I already have the book, if I win I don't want the book, I just want bragging rights!

  3. Three new ones from facebook. I'll use their MTS names:

    Zimm - Cabrera 16
    Corky - Fielder 14
    jj04 - Jackson 32

  4. Three more from facebook:

    TK Hunter 16
    JE Peralta 8
    Edman Fielder 11

  5. NW - Don Kelly 19
    Yooper - Cabrera 9

  6. AJax: 14 total bases
    Cabrera: 6 times on base

  7. Jackson 9 total bases.
    Cabrera on base 7 times

  8. VMart 11 total bases
    Hunter OB 7 times



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