Friday, April 19, 2013

Book Contest Winner

We have a winner in the Mark Fidrych book contest.  The Strategy Expert correctly guessed that Miguel Cabrera would lead the Tigers in Total Bases in the Mariners series with eight.  So, he wins a free copy of "The Bird: The Life and Legacy of Mark Fidrych".  Congratulations TSE. TSE, I think you know my Tiger 337 e-mail, so please send an e-mail telling me where to send the book.

By the way, the second closest was Yooper guessing nine total bases for Cabrera. Unfortunately, I don't have anything for Yooper, but nice try.  :-)


  1. Well it sure came down to the wire! And I sent you an email to I believe the correct address?

    I was shooting for the lowest possible number to win with as I figured nobody would go for 7 or lower as that would be a pretty tall order to stay so low yet beat out the rest of the team. I was expecting to get boxed in by a clever bidder like Yooper or at least pressed to a tiny range so I figured I'd try to get lucky and nab the exact number with my guess. Plus by going first I thought it would be more challenging and fun to give people a shot to box me in yet still come out with the victory! ;) Unfortunately the stars lined up for a relatively not so exciting result for the Tigers in order for me to luckily hit the number on the nose.

    My dad is a big Fydrich fan and I think he'd really like to have this for Father's Day, so just enough time for me to check it out before I "slug" a tremendous gift value by then passing it on to him. Some people play carnival games to win a gift for somebody, but as a baseball nerd I'm pleased to say that a baseball contest was won for this gift!

    Thanks Lee for hosting the contest and to all of the other players out there for making it interesting!

  2. Thanks TSE. I got your e-mail. I will send the book in the next couple of days.

    1. Awesome, thank you so much! I'm sending you $5 to cover the shipping via Paypal, or put the money towards a gift for a future contest!

    2. Thanks, but I just refunded it. I'll pay the shipping.

    3. Ok if you insist as it goes against my programming to refuse a great deal! I also as a rule only offer at picking up the tab at restaurants a single time as well; my grandmother remains undefeated for her lifetime. ;)

      I will sponsor some kind of a contest in the future or let me know if you have any interesting ideas, thanks again!



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