Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tigers Shutout Again, One Game from Elimination

The Tigers were shut out by the Giants 2-0 for the second straight game tonight as Ryan Vogelsong, Tim Lincecum and Sergio Romo held Detroit to just five singles.  How unusual is it to get shut out in two straight World Series games?  The last time it happened was in 1966 when the Orioles blanked the Dodgers three straight times to complete a four-game sweep.  The last time it happened to an American League team was in 1919 when the White Sox succumbed to the Reds.  Of course, that was the year when the Black Sox  were trying to lose the series.

Detroit threatened a few times, but could not score - a familiar phrase for 2012 Tigers.  They had two on with one out in both the first and third innings but, as has happened so many times this year, they grounded into inning ending double plays - one by Price Fielder and one by Quintin Berry.  In the fifth, they loaded the bases with one out, only to have Berry whiff and Miguel Cabrera pop weakly to shortstop. 

The anemic offense ruined yet another strong starting performance.  This time the victim was Anibal Sanchez who pitched seven innings allowing just two runs on six hits while striking out eight. 

The Tigers are now down three games to none, a deficit from which no World Series series team has ever come back.  So, if they do manage to win this series, it's going to be the most memorable ever, but it's sure not looking good. 

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