Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kurt Mensching Makes his Detroit News Debut

Kurt Mensching, editor of Bless You Boys, made his Detroit News debut today with an article about Tigers slumping second baseman/ outfielder Ryan Raburn.  Rather than taking the popular view that Raburn is a bum who needs to be released or sent to Toledo, Kurt explains why it's the right move to keep playing him.  You may not agree with his rather controversial conclusion, but his article is well written and researched and worth reading.      

I've known Kurt for several years through blogging and some other projects.  Specifically, he helped to edit my book Beyond Batting Average.  More recently I wrote two articles for his book Maple Street Press Tigers Annual 2011.  Kurt is a talented writer and editor and will be a great edition to the Detroit News.  I think he will provide a different kind of analysis and insight than we've seen in the News previously.

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