Sunday, November 20, 2011

My MVP Ballot

I don't have time for a long analysis tonight, but I wanted to list my AL MVP Choices.  I explained in an earlier post why I wouldn't vote for a pitcher, so I won't be putting Justin Verlander on the list.  As I said previously, it's not that I don't think pitchers are as valuable as hitters.  It's because I consider the Cy Young Award to be the MVP for pitchers and the MVP to be a position player award.  If I was going to include pitchers on my ballot, Verlander would probably be number one or two.  Here is how I rank the position players:

1. Jose Bautista TOR
2. Miguel Cabrera, DET
3. Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS
4. Dustin Pedroia, BOS
5. Curtis Granderson, NY
6. Adrian Gonzalez, BOS
7. Alex Avila, DET
8. Ben Zobrist, TB 
9. Robison Cano, NY
10. Ian Kinsler, TEX

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