Monday, June 14, 2010

Win a Free Copy of Beyond Batting Average

There will be a series of contests this week where you can win a free copy of my book Beyond Batting Average.  I will keep track of them in this post which I will update throughout the week.  Three of them are up now at the following sites:

Crashburn Alley, a Phillies blog written by Bill Baer.

Crawfish Boxes, an Astros blog authored by David Coleman.

Talking Chop, a Braves blog written by Martin Gandy

You can get more information about the book including a 30-page preview here.

On another note, Michael Street reviewed my book at his site LoveMyTeam last week.  Here is an excerpt:
Lee Panas, a baseball writer, Detroit Tigers fan and research analyst at Brandeis University, has written Beyond Batting Average, a book that breaks down every baseball statistic you can think of (and many you may never have heard of) to show what the stat measures, where it came from, and what problems it presents. This incredibly helpful guide needs to be on the bookshelf of every baseball fan, and should be required reading for anyone wishing to be a baseball analyst...

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