Friday, October 02, 2009

No Joy in Mudville

Tonight was supposed to be a fun night for Tigers fans switching back and forth between the Tigers and Twins games hoping for a clinch of the division title. It wasn't. We didn't even get a chance to experience a tight tense pennant race game. It was just depressing. The Tigers were blown out 8-0 by Jake Peavy and the White Sox. The Twins are leading the Royals 10-2 in the fifth so it's probably safe to say that the Tigers lead in the A.L. Central is down to one.

The White Sox scored quickly when Edwin Jackson surrendered a lead off homer to Scott Podsednik of all people. That would be all Peavy needed. The former Padre ace allowed just two hits in eight shutout innings and the Tigers managed only three hits total. There were very few hard hit balls. We have to give Peavy credit but this one had the feel of a Thursday afternoon get away game where half the team is being rested.

Edwin Jackson did nothing to help the cause with his his worst effort of the year in the biggest game he has pitched all year. He pitched OK for four innings allowing two runs on four hits and walking nobody. The second run was not his fault. Carlos Guillen gave the White Sox a double when he slid about five minutes too early trying to catch a fly ball which should have been the third out of the fourth inning.

Jackson allowed a solo homer to Carlos Quentin in the fifth and then imploded in the sixth. He walked three batters, allowed two hits, got nobody out and eventually was charged with five more runs. Eight runs in five innings is not good. It's hard to write anything positive about tonight's game. I suppose Casey Fien's 3 2/3 shutout innings of relief qualifies but that's about it.

Even after two pitiful performances, the Tigers are still in first place and still maybe one day away from clinching. The Tigers have been here before this year many times. Every time they win a few games and look like they are ready to pull away, they start losing and their lead goes down to a game a two. With their back's against the wall, they then win a couple games to preserve their lead. It's been going on since May. It needs to happen one more time.


  1. Titus TigerOctober 03, 2009

    You have mentioned in various places --- the Tigers have been consistant all year long. They leave a lot of runners on base, just when it seems like they are going to lose it all -- they get a couple big wins.

    That is hard for me --as a fan-- to deal with, but I believe you are right.

    Is that the kind of team that can win in post season.

    And/or what do you think are the chances the Tigers will go three weeks and start knocking the cover off the ball

  2. Titus, I'm usually pretty optimistic about the Tigers but the last three days have been so disappointing. Right now, I'm not sure I even want to see this team in post-season. Not if they are going to play the way they've played the last three days.


  3. I agree..

    ...but that said, would nice to win the last game played in the humper dome. Could be the biggest game of the season --- regardless of what happens in post season




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