Saturday, December 06, 2008

Looking for Diamond Mine Sim players

I don't usually use my blog to invite people into fantasy leagues but we need a few more owners...

I just started up a Diamond Mine Sim League over at Imagine Sports. In this game you draft from thousands of historical players (and some current ones), create a team, and a computer plays the game (a 162 game season over nine weeks) while you general manage your team throughout the season. You don't need to own Diamond Mine in order to play this game.

It costs $30 to play one league. If you are a new player, you get an additional free team with your purchase. The league will start as soon as we get 12 owners.

Here are the rules for this particular league:

This is a $100 million salary cap league but you must open the season with $60 million or more spent on pitchers. Pitchers (like Babe Ruth) who also play another position can NOT be part of the $60 million. After the season starts, you can distribute your payroll any way you please.

If you decide to join the league, go to the site, then join as follows:

-Hit Join a league at the bottom of the opening page
-Register and buy a team credit
- Click on Create a New Team
- Choose "Join Custom League"
- Browse down the page until you get to the League name "Pitching Wins Pennants"
- Put in the password: "Dontrelle"
- Select Join This League


  1. - Browse down the page until you get to the League name "Pitching Wins Pennants"
    - Put in the password: "Dontrelle"

    Ouch. And you call yourself a Tiger fan.

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