Sunday, April 15, 2007

Reviewing Tigers Corner and Some Other Items

My brief Sunday tour around the internet begins with Gary Gillette's book Tigers Corner 2007. It is the inaugural edition of what he hopes will be an annual book. It includes a detailed re-cap of the 2006 season, interviews with Ernie Harwell and Dan Dickerson, some sabermetric analysis, articles on Tigers history and lots of other information. Gillette and the other writers, which include Brian Borawski at Tiger Blog, wanted this to be a unique book setting it apart from other annuals and they accomplished their goal. I thought it was a very good read and I'll buy it again next year.

Billfer is doing some amazing things with the enhanced MLB game day data. He's been producing some fascinating charts on pitch location, pitch type, pitch release, etc. In a recent article, he looks at the Jeremy Bonderman/Roy Halladay duel in great detail. Not all of the games are available in the enhanced format but it's something I will now be looking for over the course of the season.

I just finished viewing the Vintage World Series Films DVD which I won in a Detroit Tigers weblog contest. Thanks again to Bill for the kind gift. It features highlights of the Tigers World Series games in 1945, 1968 and 1984. It brought back vivid memories of 1984, distant memories of 1968 and created new images for 1945. The 1945 film was probably the most interesting film because I had never seen extensive footage of that series before. I will watch all three films again frequently. Now, I just need to find a film of the 1935 season somewhere.

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