Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tigers Receive Lottery Pick

The Tigers learned today that they have received an extra draft pick at the end of the second round of next year's first-year player draft.  They were one of 12 teams that received an additional pick after the first or second round.  This happened this afternoon via a draft lottery which is part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  It was designed to create more competitive balance by awarding picks to smaller market teams. 

Teams eligible for the lottery included the ten smallest market teams as well as teams in the 15 smallest markets who also received revenue sharing money this year.  The Tigers ended up in the lottery based on the second criteria.  Jonathan Mayo of MLB.COM describes the process in more detail. 

One interesting feature of these extra picks is that they can be traded during the season or next season.  They may not be traded during the off season.  So, this is the first time that MLB teams will be able to trade draft picks of any kind. The Tigers pick is the equivalent of a late second rounder/ early third rounder.  This can be used as either a trade chip right now or as a way to replenish their system next year if they trade away prospects before the deadline.  This is a nice bonus for the Tigers, one I was not anticipating before I heard yesterday that they would be in the lottery.  

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