Friday, May 27, 2011

Ryan Raburn is the Tigers Second Baseman

With the puzzling trade of Scott Sizemore for David Purcey now complete, another candidate has has enterered the revolving door at second base.  First it was Will Rhymes.  Then it was Sizemore.  Now, Tom Gage is reporting that Ryan Raburn is the new Tigers second baseman.

Raburn at second is not a new idea. He played 15 games there last year and 5 so far this year.  I know it's strange to think of the awkward Raburn playing in the infield, but I think he's adequate at second.  He won't field the position as well as Ramon Santiago or Danny Worth, but I think he plays second a little better than he plays the outfield. Still, I would imagine that he'll be pulled late in games for a defensive replacement

What Raburn can do that the others can't is hit.  I know he's been awful this year - .204/.248/.345 with 51 strikeouts in 142 at bats.  However, even the most rabid Raburn hater knows that he is better than that and will likely heat up soon.  He has a .265/.322/.451 career line which would would be good numbers for a middle infielder.  He's not the ideal second baseman but given the available choices, I think he's the best option they have at the moment.

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