Thursday, October 20, 2005

World Series Thoughts

I'm taking a break from my runs created mania but I'll write a few notes about the upcoming World Series. First, I'll say that it's great to see the White Sox (who haven't made the series for almost 5 decades) and the Astros (who have never been to the series) get an opportunity to play. As a Detroit Tiger fan, I know what it's like to wait a long time.

I was rooting for the Cardinals because they are my favorite National League team. As an old school baseball fan, it also would have been nice to see the teams with the two best regular season records make the World Series. It doesn't seem quite right that a team finishing 11 games behind should end up in the championship but that's the way the system works and all the teams know the rules. So, even though I'm not enamored by the system, the Astros deserve to be congratulated for their post season play and I suppose their fans have waited long enough.

A lot of people think it will be a series dominated by pitching but I'm not so sure. Both teams relied heavily on their pitching all year and, with all the days off in the post season, they are able to use their best pitchers over and over (another post season pet peeve of mine). However, they play in two of the most hitter friendly parks in the majors and this makes it hard for me to imagine a series of pitching duels. I think there will be some good pitching but I'm also expecting a couple games to feature some solid hitting including a good number of homeruns.

I'm picking the White Sox in seven but I should warn you that I'm not a good predictor of results in a short series.

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