Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ordonez out for season

When the Tigers announced that Delmon Young would not be on the League Championship Series roster due to a strained oblique, it was bad news.  It wasn't a crushing blow though because they had Ryan Raburn ready to step in and take his place.  Today, the team announced that Magglio Ordonez has a broken ankle and will be out for the season.  This is much worse news because there is no suitable replacement.

Of players on the current 25-man roster, the only outfielders are Don Kelly and Andy Dirks.  They are viable replacement when a right-hander is on the mound, but the Rangers staff is loaded with left-handers - three of them in the starting rotation.  Thus, the Tigers are in a tough spot.

Who will they bring in to replace Ordonez on the roster?  You would think it would be an outfielder or at least some kind of right-handed bat.  The first thought is that they could add Delmon Young or Carlos Guillen.  It's doubtful they can play in the field or else they would be on the roster already.  It's possible that they could pinch hit though.

Others in the organization with significant big league experience include Timo Perez and Clete Thomas.  Perez is currently serving a 50-day drug suspension, so he's out.  Thomas finished strong for the MudHens after a disappointing start. He's a possibility , but he bat's left-handed, so he's not ideal.

The next best right-handed hitting outfielder available is Ben Guez , who batted a combined .284/.345/.438 for Erie and Toledo.  I'm not sure if the Tigers think he's ready for the majors or even he's baseball ready at the moment, but this would be one heck of a way to make a major League debut.

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